Fried calamaretti and bean pips
€ 12

Warm carpaccio of pulpo
with vinaigrette of vegetable brunoise,
capers and dried tomatoes
€ 12

Salad of marinated violet artichokes
and scaglie di caciotta

€ 16

Salad of wild prawns,
fennel and pomelo fillets
€ 15

Bricolage of calf’s sweetbread and marrow
with galantina of calf’s head, young artichokes and saba
€ 16


Mantovan ravioli of muscat pumpkin
with salvia butter
€ 15

Spaghetti alla chitarra with sea urgin
€ 20

Risotto with porcini and wild blueberries
€ 16

Maccheroncini with broad beans
and ricotta affumicata

€ 12


Livornese cacciucco
of crayfish, mediterranean fish and mussles
with tomatoe crostini
€ 25

Steamed fillet of white halibut
with shimeji mushrooms, spinach, spring onions and ginger
€ 25

Grilled medaillons of monkfish
and sicilian eggplant

with date tomatoes and Taggiasche olives
€ 23

Breast and club of Odefey free range chicken
with artichokes and sauteed red onions
€ 23

Young goat from the oven
with Castelluccio lentils

€ 26

Tagliata of irish Black Angus Beef
and sauteed vegetables

from the hot stone
 € 39